Steel tubular piles are often used for foundations for bridges, scaffolding and buildings, as well as making an essential part of fenders.

YEC able to implement tubular piles projects for both site conditions onshore and offshore. we have good experience and suitable equipment to implementing this type of piles.

Bored pile, , is a type of reinforced-concrete foundation that supports structures with heavy vertical loads. A bored pile is a cast-in-place concrete pile, meaning the pile is cast on the construction site.

We can implementing this type of piles by different methods depending on site and soil conditions: partially or fully casing method whether dry or wet (slurry) method.

The pre-cast concrete driving piles are used for the most conventional foundation method. It's usually the quickest and also cheapest method compare others . 

We have good experience,manpower and machines to manufacturing and driving PC. piles.

Sheet piles are usually installed to prevent soil or water from reaching quay walls, bridgeheads, basements, construction pits and tunnels .

We can use both Vibratory-driven or driving hammers machines to achieving the best way for projects implementation.

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