Rig moving is a very complex process involving numerous operations and activities. Preplanning, coordination and adequate supervision of the efforts of all personnel involved is essential to carry out a safe and efficient rig moving operation. Safety and environmental impact analysis and feasibility studies are also weaved into the logistical assessment and coordination, particularly before a rig move begins. YEC has experienced Rig move managers, who lead the special teams for rigs mobilization. The Rig move team is always ready to operate in all major oil and gas areas of the region. We are constantly following rules of active personal control of every rig mobilization stage. We perform such control to provide high quality service and to reduce risks. We keep rig mobilization information transparency for our clients by providing agreed services: high quality reports, electronic systems and personnel involvement

Entities you can depend on. Equipment you can trust. Specialized improvements rather revolutionary and the absolute quality of worldwide facilities. Wherever you are in the Middle East, whatever your substantial transportation and lifting challenge, YEC will give a careful, capable and flexible arrangement

YEC specializes in the rapid deployment of food service and temporary accommodation operations to remote sites. YEC has over 20 years combined experience, in its executive, within the mobiliization, hospitality amd catering.

We provide land transportation of construction material through Trailers, flat beds and Cement Bulkers. Whether it is by road, rail or barge, the heavy and over-sized modules for these facilities need complex transport and lifting arrangements. YEC has the people and equipment to accommodate the most unusual of needs

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