Project Details:

Description of work: Early Works (Phase 2) Site Preparation for Basrah NGL Project

Location: ROO

Contract Starting Date:01/02/2019

Contract Expiry Date:20/06/2019


Description of work: NV33691 (SIGUP-148) BGC Building upgrades

Location: BGC

Contract Starting Date:13/12/2013

Contract Expiry Date:12/08/2015


Description of work: UI-43199 Umm Qsar Marine Terminal –Civil Works Project

Location: BGC

Contract Starting Date:21/11/2013

Contract Expiry Date:31/07/2015


Description of work: Basrah Gas Company Temporary Office at KAZ and Rumaila - Teleconference

Location: BGC

Contract Starting Date:01/04/2013

Contract Expiry Date:30/03/2015


Description of work: Contract#UI42859 for OFF POLT at NR IBC CIVILS WORKS

Location: MOF

Contract Starting Date:15/04/2014

Contract Expiry Date:15/03/2015


Description of work: Hammar Mishrif Civil Works SIGUP-12-082

Location: BGC

Contract Starting Date:01/05/2013

Contract Expiry Date:30/09/2014


Description of work: North Rumaila Inlet Booster Compressor Station- Civil Work

Location: BGC

Contract Starting Date:08/08/2012

Contract Expiry Date:31/07/2014


Description of work: UI37964 - ISI Contract Interim Security Improvement for BGC NR NGL, UQ Storage and Marine Terminals

Location: BGC

Contract Starting Date:21/11/2013

Contract Expiry Date:21/01/2014

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