YEC piling work is a proven innovator of deep foundation construction. Our client centric focus and commitment to investing in the brightest minds, latest technology and cutting-edge equipment has been the YEC piling differentiator since the inception of our company.We provide the market with highly effective solutions for complex projects, ensuring that objectives and timelines are delivered on target and as per clients’ expectations. With a successful track record that spans more than a decade, YEC developed a tradition of honesty and integrity that is reflected in every job that we deliver. We also deploy a wide range of specialized and modern equipment to build foundations which suit all sorts of ground conditions

YEC Building Construction division has the expertise and resources to building and constructing all structures to deliver across all sectors, providing clients with a complete end-to-end self-delivery solution. Working together, with other in-house divisions, we can offer a breadth of services which maximizes a client’s investment returns. generally, YEC specializing in building of concrete structures, steel building structures and precast concrete building  


To take control of your landscape with a retaining wall you can count on. With help from the team at YEC, it’s easy to desgin and implementing any project that calls for retaining wall construction. , we have the experience and skills needed to assess your property, gather essential supplies, and build you a retaining wall that lasts for many years. Our company can build and construct vary type of retaining systems: traditional retaining wall, sheet piles wall, secant piles walls and MSE walls.


YEC Road Construction division has the expertise and resources to implementing and constructing. Road and highway construction contractors. Capabilities include asphalt paving for floors, rooftops and driveways, asphalt repair/ patching, slurry seal coating, crack fill, striping, traffic sign installation and wheel stop installation services.



With over 25 years of operating experience, YEC is a leader in providing innovative and cost effective solutions to implementation any projects that involves earth woks.We possess significant experience in earthworks projects, including :Roadway excavation, Drainage or structure excavation, Bridge excavation, Channel excavation, Footing excavation, Borrow excavation, Dredge excavation and Underground excavation

Sanitary services are a branch of civil engineering concerned primarily with the maintenance of environmental conditions (as pure water supply, waste disposal, insect control, nuisance abatement) conducive to public health. Our company have an experience in sanitary services especially in water supply systems & Water disposal systems.


Dewatering and construction dewatering are terms used to describe the action of removing groundwater or surface water from a construction site. YEC able to implementing & constructing many type of dewatering systems especially well point system, deep well system.


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